Dear Partners,

we have a pleasure to inform you that we have launched a new line of batteries – SILVER PREMIUM.
These are the best and the strongest starter batteries produced by our company.

Silver Premium batteries are produced in the same reliable Lead-Calcium-Silver Technology as Silver batteries and have all the advantages Silver batteries have, e.g. charging indicator ("magic eye"), 100% maintenance free, improved resistance to lead grid corrosion and improved ability to work in high and low temperatures. What differs them from the current Silver line is a very strong CCA value. This was achieved thanks to improvements made in the lead plates as well as increased weight of the lead in the battery. Refreshed, up-to-date design is surely worth pointing out as well.

By launching the new line we enter the premium battery market. We strongly believe the new line is the right answer to the most demanding Clients, who untill now might not have been able to find in our offer the right battery suiting their needs and were turning into the competitive products. Now we do have a product for them!

We wish you a very successful Winter season!

Export Team Sznajder Batterien