Sznajder Batterien after a long and meticulous assessment by a group of experts, has been awarded a very prestigious Polish award Teraz Polska for modern SILVER batteries. Teraz Polska competition aims to find and promote Polish products and services of the highest quality which can be recommended to customers not only in Poland but also abroad. The promoted products may become a great example for other companies to follow and a target quality to achieve. The white-and-red trademark of Teraz Polska is well known and widely recognized in Poland.

The Laureates of Teraz Polska competition were announced recently during a special concert and ceremony in the National Opera House in Warsaw. The ceremony was attended by many great personages of the world of business, culture and politics. Mr Lech Sznajder, the owner and President of Sznajder Batterien, personally received the honourable award during the ceremony.

The awarded SILVER batteries are very reliable in extremely low and high temperatures. These silver-calcium batteries, produced in the most modern expanded metal technology, have an increased corrosion resistance of silver alloy grid. They are 100% maintenance free. SILVER batteries are equipped with fire-protection system and in a very practical, from the perspective of users, so called magic-eye indicator showing the current state of charge. SILVER batteries are fully produced from components developed exclusively in Poland. These batteries clearly indicate their position on the Polish and worldwide markets, as evidenced by growing sales of this type of batteries at home and abroad, as well as by awards received. Over 70% of batteries produced by Sznajder Batterien  are exported to nearly 40 countries around the world. Total sales at home and abroad in 2010 exceeded 1 144 000 batteries. For the year 2011 over 1 200 000 batteries have been planned to be sold worldwide.