Our offer is constantly improved, you can notice it e.g. from the news that were published on our website. Especially in the last year we welcomed many new types including Expedition Plus AGM, our most modern batteries produced in the Absorbent Glass Mat technology.

Already at the beginning of 2010 we are proud to offer our Clients new range of batteries SILVER JAPAN designed for Korean and Japan automobiles. The market success of the range SILVER sold for European cars was one of the reasons for us to invest more in the technology and start manufacturing a new product line.

The lead-calcium-silver technology used in SILVER JAPAN batteries guarantees 100% maintanance free usage and a longer life of the product due to the improved corrossion resistance of the lead grid. All of them have a „magic eye”, an indicator showing if the battery is properly charged or needs recharging. If the battery is charged the indicator shows the green color, when discharged then the color is black. It is a practical way to easily check the charging status of the battery.

Currently we have the following SILVER JAPAN types in our offer.
35Ah Silver Japan with the "plus" on the right side (catalogue code 535 70)
35Ah Silver Japan with the "plus" on the left side (catalogue code 535 72)
45Ah Silver Japan with the "plus" on the right side (catalogue code 545 70)
45Ah Silver Japan with the "plus" on the left side (catalogue code 545 72)]

The 45Ah Silver Japan batteries are sold in a standard version with pole adaptors, thanks to them they can be used both in cars in which thick or thin poles are being applied.

You can check if one of these batteries fit to your car here:
This is the catalogue of the "Sznajder" brand, also produced in our factory, but exactly the same catalog codes are used for the "ZAP" brand.

The 35Ah Silver batteries (catalogue codes 535 25 and 535 26) after launching the Silver Japan range have been withdrawn from our offer.