Sznajder Batterien has been awarded the „Quality International 2010” Golden Medal for the Highest Quality of its new product series Expedition Plus AGM. The new product is available since last year.

The Highest Quality Programme of Quality International, organized by Forum Biznesu magazine, is under the patronage of:

  • Ministry of Regional Development,
  • Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club,
  • Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development.

The organizers intend to show the potential of Polish market and stimulate the creation of patterns of its quality development. The main purpose of Forum Biznesu is a gradual increase of Polish companies and institutions’ competitive power in the European and worldwide markets. The contest is meant to reveal and award companies distinguished by their high quality products and services.

The final stage contestants have been appointed on the basis of analysis of official data, opinion from business and economic organizations, certifying institutions and experts.

The Highest Quality Programme of Quality International is aimed at organizations which pride in the highest level of worldwide achievements.

The awarded AGM Expedition Plus batteries are the most modern batteries designed for a wide range of purposes, as a starting power for cars as well as for long-term discharge applications.

Batteries are produced in an up-to-date technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and instead of having liquid acid consist of the electrolite, which is kept inside the special glass mat. The AGM batteries are therefore 100% leakage and spill proof.

The batteries are produced and available in two types:
70Ah (640A) – with the catalogue code 570 01
95Ah (780A) – with the catalogue code 595 01


  • newest AGM technology
  • absolutely leakage and spill proof
  • highest safety of use
  • 100% maintanance free
  • high cyclic performance and durability
  • high resistance to sulfidation
  • longer life of a battery
  • resistance to high and low temperatures
  • anti-fire protection


  • starting power for cars
  • sail & motorboats
  • camping trailers and other leisure purposes
  • lightning and navigation systems